Tekken The Movie

Are you a fan of Tekken ? the great console fighting games ever. Hold your breath cause Tekken the movie is ready to released. You'll see some great characters from the game in this movie like Jin Kazama, Raven, Bryan Fury, Eddy Gordo, Christie, Heihachi, Jun Kazama, Nina, Anna, Michelle and more. But there are some disappointment from the game fan for the casts of the character and important characters that not appeared in this movie. Find the cast of Tekken and the opinion of the fan here

Here's a Tekken movie poster for Japan.

Because we still dont found any wallpaper from Tekken the movie, here are the Tekken character wallpaper from Tekken 5.

Tekken5 Junpachi

Heihachi Devil Jin

Steve_Tekken5 Law_Tekken5

Paul_Tekken5 Xiao Yu

Jin Kazama King

Bryan Fury Kazuya Mishima

Raven Jun



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